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Fablab Coventry

This website represents the citizen owned Makerspace / FABLAB that opened in 2014 by Coventry Makerspace, NOT the FABLAB set up by Coventry University

This web domain,,  was registered by Coventry Makerspace in late 2014 as part of our planned expansion to become a registered FABLAB. As a non-profit volunteer-run organisation, we worked hard to create a business model that would give Coventry a sustainable, accessible community space; one that was not completely reliant on grant funding, but that was still affordable enough for any Coventry person to access, regardless of their background, age, education or background. We want to democratize making in Coventry!

Coventry Makerspace has no salaried positions, but what we do have is great passion, enthusiasm, ideas and expertise. We also have a fantastic range of tools and equipment available to our our members, and a fun and vibrant community of like-minded makers. Please come down and try us for size – all we ask in return is that, if you like what you see, you join us, helping us to continue paying our bills and put something back into the community we live in.


Check out the original FABLAB at Coventry Makerspace


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